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Official abbreviations, acronyms and short names of the Korean Journal of Helicobacter and Upper Gastrointestinal Research are listed below. Other abbreviations not in the list should always be defined at first usage in both abstracts and text. Do not use abbreviation(s) in the title.

ACTHadrenocorticotropic hormone (adrenocorticotropin)ADPadenosine diphosphate
AFBacid-fast bacilliAFPalpha-fetoprotein
ALPalkaline phosphataseALTalanine aminotransferase
AMAantimitochondrial antibodyAMPadenosine monophosphate
ANAantinuclear antibodyanti-HAVantibody to hepatitis A virus
anti-HBcantibody to hepatitis B core antigenanti-HBeantibody to hepatitis B e antigen
anti-HBsantibody to hepatitis B s antigenanti-HCVantibody to hepatitis C virus
anti-LKMantibody for liver kidney microsomesaPTTactivated partial thromboplastin time
ASOantistreptolysin OASTaspartate aminotransferase
ATPadenosine triphosphateBMIbody mass index
BUNblood urea nitrogenCA 125cancer antigen 125
CA 19-9carbohydrate antigen19-9cAMPadenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate
cDNAcomplementary DNACEAcarcinoembryonic antigen
cGMPguanosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphateCKcreatine kinase
CRPC-reactive proteinCTcomputed tomography
DNAdeoxyribonucleic acidEDTAethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
ELISAenzyme-linked immunosorbent assayERCPendoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
EUSendoscopic ultrasonographyGGTgamma glutamyltranspeptidase
H&Ehematoxylin and eosin stainHAVhepatitis A virus
HBcAghepatitis B core antigenHBeAghepatitis B e antigen
HBIGhepatitis B immune globulinHBsAghepatitis B surface antigen
HBVhepatitis B virusHCVhepatitis C virus
HDLhigh density lipoproteinHDVhepatitis D (delta) virus
HEVhepatitis E virusHLAhistocompatibility antigen
Igimmunoglobulin INRinternational normalized ratio
LDHlactic dehydrogenaseLDLlow density lipoprotein
MHCmajor histocompatibility complexMRCPmagnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography
MRImagnetic resonance imagingmRNAmessenger RNA
ODoptical densityPCRpolymerase chain reaction
PETpositron emission tomographyPTprothrombin time
RIAradioimmunoassay RIBArecombinant immunoblot assay
RNAribonucleic acidRT-PCRreverse transcriptase PCR
UVultraviolet VLDLvery low density lipoprotein
volvolume wtweight
bpbase pair(s)calcalorie(s)
IUinternational unit(s)kbkilobase
Lliter (mL)Mmolar (mM)
meqmilliequivalent(s) minminute(s)
mmHgmillimeter(s) of mercurymomonth(s)
molmole(s) ppmpart(s) per million
rpmrevolution(s) per minutesecsecond(s)
Statistical Terms
ANOVAanalysis of varianceCIconfidence interval
ORodds rationnumber in study
NSnot significantPprobability
rcorrelation coefficientRRrelative risk
SDstandard deviationSEMstandard error of the mean
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